Have you ever had a birds-eye view of Adelaide?

For a place that is said to be the driest city, in the driest State, on the driest continent on Earth – it is amazingly green.

Looking across the tree-tops of your local suburb really changes your perspective about where you live.

In fact, it’s a world-away from the hustle-and-bustle below.

So here’s the thing.

How amazing would it be, to bring some of that into your daily life?

Well you can, simply by extending up instead of out.

A few short stairs is all takes to unwind and relax in your own oasis at home.


Adding elevated space to your home is guaranteed to improve your lifestyle.

Here are some other key advantages of building a second storey addition.

Preserve yard

  • Increase living space without using up precious yard space
  • Retain a great sized yard for family activities
  • Room for further improvements e.g. pool or alfresco area

Stunning views

  • It’s hard to put a financial value on the lifestyle advantage of capturing a great view
  • The value added to your home is definitely worthwhile
  • Take advantage of an awkward block

More space

  • Another floor could potentially double your living space
  • A growing family can live comfortably

Same place

  • Gain more living space without the hassle of moving
  • No need to leave a great location you love

Add value

  • A second storey addition will add value to your home
  • Especially if you’ve also preserved good-sized outdoor space
  • Good marketing tool if ever you need to sell

Save money

  • Building up creates financial leverage i.e. the overall property value increases at a rate greater than the value of the addition itself
  • People are surprised to learn that in many instances, adding a second storey can be more cost-effective than building outwards

Redesign space

  • Improve and personalise the flow of the house e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs, common living areas downstairs
  • Make the home more universal if ever you need to sell

Make changes

  • Save money by simultaneously improving the ground floor, while it is being altered to support the new second storey addition

More privacy

  • An important aspect of lifestyle is privacy
  • Living above the roofline can greatly improve privacy

Better lifestyle

  • Adding elevated space to your home is guaranteed to improve your lifestyle


Adding a second storey to a house is a smart choice.


Need a new perspective?


Adding a second storey to a house is not as scary as it sounds


6-star energy rating

SHI has the skills and experience to design a home with less reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

This family has now reduced their ongoing household costs, by building a 6-star rated energy-efficient extension.

Importantly, we can achieve a 6-star energy-efficient home without compromising on quality, practicality or visual appeal.

25-year structural warranty

SHI has a long-standing partnership with its suppliers and trades people.  We design and build sustainable home extensions by carefully sourcing and using the highest quality, environmentally sound products.

That’s why this family scored a 25-year structural warranty on their new extension.


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