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Please consider the following before spending 000s on an architect

Did you know that many people are disappointed to learn the budget estimate they were given with their expensive plans were totally incorrect?

In fact, many of these plans can’t be used at all.

With Southern Home Improvements you will never be disappointed.

We will design and build your new lifestyle – no headaches.

Over the many years we’ve been doing this, we’ve talked with lots of people who are disappointed to learn the budget estimate they were given with their new extension plans from an architect were incorrect.

In most instances, they were heavily underquoted.  In our opinion, this is because architects are not builders and consequently struggle to accurately cost the full building process.  To avoid disappointment and wasting 000s of dollars, we recommend not getting your plans drawn and costed by an architect.

For peace of mind, use someone that provides a full project management service according to your budget and plans.

A lot of people still come to us with plans that have been drawn by an architect, draftsman or a building designer.

We are always amazed too hear what they have paid, sometimes several thousand dollars, to get these plans organised.

Unfortunately, we need to change these plans so much it would actually be much easier for everyone to throw them away and start fresh.

In our honest opinion after many years of doing this, building draftsman and architects do not understand the true cost of building and in the majority of cases it costs a lot more than the client’s original budget.

At Southern Home Improvements we do the following:

  • Sit with the clients at their home and listen to their needs
  • We look at the home to explore the best and most practical and economical way to meet all their needs within their budget
  • We liaise with engineer and council to obtain building approval and we supervise all work to achieve the best result at the least time possible

Adding rooms to a house is a smart choice.

All the extensions we design and build, we consider them an entry for best extension of the year.


Building on to your home is not as scary as it sounds


6-star energy rating

SHI has the skills and experience to design a home with less reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

This family has now reduced their ongoing household costs, by building a 6-star rated energy-efficient extension.

Importantly, we can achieve a 6-star energy-efficient home without compromising on quality, practicality or visual appeal.

25-year structural warranty

SHI has a long-standing partnership with its suppliers and trades people.  We design and build sustainable home extensions by carefully sourcing and using the highest quality, environmentally sound products.

That’s why this family scored a 25-year structural warranty on their new extension.


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Why?  We’re creative people who build awesome homes.

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