We improve peoples’ homes every day and realise you don’t.  So our experience counts for many things.

This includes being able to improve your lifestyle whilst reducing your energy costs.

It means you can achieve a new, generously sized extension or addition and take advantage of open-space living, without your heating and cooling costs skyrocketing.

So remember to ask “can you build me a 6-star rated energy efficient home?”

It’s one of the first questions you ask any builder who is quoting on your new home extension, home renovation or home addition.

Why? Because like us you are cost-concious.

Concious of the cost to environment and to your household budget.


We have a solution for you.

SHI has the skills and experience to design a home with less reliance on heating and cooling appliances.

Our customers have been able to reduce their ongoing household costs, by building a 6-star rated energy-efficient home extension or home renovation.

Importantly, we can achieve a 6-star energy-efficient home without compromising on quality, practicality or visual appeal.

This means your home is less reliant on heating and cooling appliances, saving the environment and your wallet.

If you’re considering a new home extension, home renovation or perhaps a second storey addition, then be sure to ask the builder if it will be a 6-star rated energy efficient result.